In 1957, when Doctor Von Braun purchased the abandoned Rebel Hill Funeral Home and moved there with his wife and two children, no one could have guessed the depths of his evil genius. His family is long gone now, but his research continues. As you walk through the rooms of this old house on your way to the Doctor's lab, expect to see ghosts, corpses, skeletons, zombies, and a bit of blood. And prepare yourself for a uniquely chilling experience. (visit History for the full story...)

2020 Drive-By / Walk-By Hours of operation  

  • Our Dead Man's Party Drive-By Scene will be operating from: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

  • Sun. Oct. 25th through Sunday November 1st
WHERE:   1577 Rebel Way, San Jose, CA - map

WHY:  Because it's awesome. We are one of America's Scariest Home Haunts as featured on FEARnet and one of "15 Bay Area Haunted Houses To Visit" as featured on Discover Your View

COST:  Your eternal soul. And most years, a suggested donation. We are not sure yet if we will be taking donaintins for this year's Drive-By attraction

WAIT, SO IS THIS A HAUNTED HOUSE OR WHAT?   Most years we are a full walk-through attraction with multiple rooms and scenes. But 2020 is NOT "most years". So no, this year we are not a Haunted House, but rather just something cool to observe from a safe and reasonable distance.

IS IT OK FOR LITTLE KIDS?  Probably? We like to call it PG-13.


WHAT ARE THE RULES?  1) Wear a mask. (not just a halloween mask, you know what we mean.)  2) Maintain a 6' distance from actors, hosts and other victims.   3) Keep moving, unless you are invited to hang around. 4) No drugs or nuclear weapons allowed. Also no other types of weapons, or anything that looks like a weapon. 5) Touch nothing. (And if you're lucky, nothing will touch you.)

If you have any other questions, please contact us