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If you think this is scary, you should see these:




We're ready to go for the big night!

We are open 6:30 to 10:00 PM

ALSO - We have added new Venmo and PayPal Donation links to the Details page

PRO TIP: You will have a better experience the earlier you get here. If the line gets too long we may have to go into the dreaded Floodgate Mode to move people through and this is not the full Rebel Yell experience that we want you to have.
See you all tonight! THERE WILL BE COOKIES

It's been a great 2023 season so far...

We've scared over 1,000 haunt fans already and still have 2 nights to go!

TONIGHT - Sunday 10/29 - NO SCARE HOUR from 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM, then normal operation from 7:00 to 10:00 PM

HALLOWEEN NIGHT - Full scrae mode from 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM. Come early and beat the lines!

No Scare Hour - Sunday 10/22

Rebel Yell Opens THIS WEEKEND! Check the details page for our nomal hours of operation.

In addition to our normal hours we will be doing a NO SCARE HOUR on Sunday Oct 22nd from 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM. We will have all of the effects running and fun music playing but no scares. Bring your younger haunt fans by to check it out! See you this weekend.



The house is almost ready for visitors. See you in 8 days on Saturday October 21st!

BACK FOR 2023!

And finally updating the website! Yay! More info coming soon but for now check the Details page for our current-but-subject-to-change 2023 schedule. See you soon!


No-Scare walkthrough tonight at 5:30

We will be doing a no-scare walk through tonight, Saturday 10/29 at 5:30 PM for our younger haunt fans! Daytime haunt lights, friendly music and no scares. Bring the little ones to come check it out! Our regular haunt will run from 7 - 10 tonight



Preview night is here! We are open tonight, Sunday Oct 23rd, from 7:00 - 9:00 PM


Until our 2022 Preview Night

Next Sunday, Oct. 23rd we will be open from 7 PM to 9 PM. We have a TON of new stuff this year and can't wait to scare you with it.

In the meantime, here's Trent and Tom saying "Boo" from the queue line of our redesigned facade. See you next weekend!


Have begun for the 2022 Rebel Yell!

We'll be expanding a bit this year, adding a new laser tunnel and some other new effects as well. We can't wait for y'all to see it. A tentative schedule is posted on the Details page. Scare you soon!

We made it through Preview Night...

Tired and wet, after surviving some crazy wind, rain, and a power failure, we managed to pull it off.

Thanks to everyone who braved the weather to come out and see the Rebel Yell tonight. We're looking forward to our official opening on Thursday!

We've missed you!

We are so eager to get back to haunting that we have added a Preview Night to our 2021 Schedule.

This Sunday, October 24th from 7:00 - 9:00 PM. Our full schedule is on the Details page!

It's back...

People say that you shouldn't have an open portal to the underworld in your front yard... but... we just can't Hell Pit.

2021 Hours Of Operation...

Are now posted on the Details page!


The 2021 Rebel Yell is currently under construction. We are planning to run the full walk-through haunt this year, but with some modifications to make sure everyone stays safe from the evils of COVID.

We will be minimizing conact by allowing more space bwteen grpups and only placing actors in spoits where they can maitain safe social distance from our victims visitors.

We will also be regularly sanitizing surfaces, and face coverings will be required, vaxed or not.

We've missed you and look forward to scaring you soon! Our dates and hours of operation will be posted shortly

PLEASE READ - More info on our Halloween 2020 display!

We are making progress on our 2020 yard scene and are looking forward to bringing at least a bit of Halloween spirit to the neighborhood this year.

We do want to make it clear however that our top priority is responsibly complying with local guidelines and restrictions and keeping everybody safe. With that in mind, please understand that we can not accomodate large crowds and we need everyone to maintain social distance and respect the rules that we have laid out.

Please do not visit us if you have recently had a fever or flu-like symptoms.

Here are the other guidelines we are asking everyone to follow this year:


We expect the display to be complete by Sunday, October 26th. Full lights, sound and effects will be running from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM each night through Sunday, November 1st. As always, you can check the Details page for updates!


Many of you have been asking what our plan is this year. With much regret, we do not believe it would be safe or responsible to do our usual walk through haunt this year. HOWEVER - We will be doing a drive-by / walk-by scene which we are tentatively calling Dead Man's Party. The scene will be spread across the front yard and driveway and will feature our graveyard scene along with some of our best effects, animatronic props and (possibly) live actors. Check the Details page for more info!

OPENING NIGHT 2019 - Saturday Oct. 26th

We will kicking off our 20th Anniverscary Season on Saturday night. Beginning with a No-Scare family preview from 5:00 - 6:00 PM and kicking things into full on scare-you-out-of-your-socks mode from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. Check the Details page for our full 2019 Schedule. Scare you soon!

2019 Hours Of Operation are now posted on the Details page!

Click Here...


Check out the video below for some reactions form our Sneak preview night last weekend!

Slats and black spray paint. Must be time for a haunt...

(sing to the tune of Nights In White Satin)

Hey Everyone, WE ARE BACK! The 2018 'Yell is under construction.

Our 2018 schedule is now posted on the Details page

Rebel Yell is Back!

We're hard at work on our 2017 haunt. Check out our 2017 hours of operation on the Details page!

Construction Update

Check out our progress in this quick Facebook video: Rebel Yell Teaser 2016



Thanks for another great Halloween!

The Rebel Yell has had a great 2015 season so far and last night might have been our best Halloween ever. A couple of minor prop breakdowns went unnoticed thanks to great perfoamances from our crew and an awesome croud of about 500 enthusiastic visitors. We will be open for one more night, and are already planning some big changes for our 2016 haunt. Stay Tuned and thanks for supporting Neighborhood Haunts!

Open this week!

The 2015 Rebel Yell opens this Thursday! Our Hours Of Operation are available on the Details page


It's been a while sice we've posted an update here, but we have been hard at work on our 2015 Haunt! We will be back at our home on Rebel Way for the 2015 season and will be open for 4 nights from Oct. 29th - Nov 1st.

Check out our Facebook page for updates and construction photots. See you soon!

2014 Schedule:

Thursday, October 30th 7 PM - 9 PM

Friday, October 31st 6:30 PM - 10 PM

Saturday, November 1st 7 PM - 9 PM

Sunday, November 2nd 7 PM - 9 PM


We're getting close...


Enjoy this neat time lapse of us assembling the perimeter frame and canopy in the driveway. Things are going to get scary soon...


Construction is underway! Here's a quick behind the scenes look at some of our projects and progress. Check back soon for more updates!


The 2014 Rebel Yell will be held at our original address on Rebel Way for the first time in 8 years. We will be open for at least 3 nights over the Halloween weekend. Stay tuned for details!


Thanks to our awesome crew, neighbors, fans, and our hosts Jim and Georgia Rupe for another great Halloween season! Video and photos from our 2012 haunt will be posted soon!


Rebel Yell opens in 4 days!


14 Days until Halloween...
according to the informative graphic on our homepage. And only 10 days until the Rebel Yell opens! All of the walls are assembled and the haunt is starting to take shape. We'll be posting more construction videos on our YouTube channel shortly and are working hard to make this the best 'Yell yet. Stay Tuned!


The Rebel Yell is WET.
Very very wet. And not because of the usual torrents of blood that ravage the house from time to time, but due to a sudden Florida style cloudburst last night. Fortunately our electronics are not out yet so the damage is limited to some soggy carpets and damp walls. Which is fine. A little "must" just adds to the character. Dampness aside, we are on track for our opening on Saturday Oct. 27th, so be sure to come check it out!


We are well underway with the construction of the 2012 Rebel Yell. Check out our facebook page for some photos. We also just posted our operating hours for this year on the Details page, though they are still subject to expansion. Check back soon and often for the latest info!


Planning for the 2012 Rebel Yell is underway! We will be adding a new room to the haunt for the first time since 2007, and have lots of exciting new effects and scares planned. Stay tuned for more details!


Our 2011 video is now up on our YouTube channel!


NEW PHOTOS from our 2011 Haunt are now up! Check 'em out right here.


Thanks for making our 10th season the best one yet!

Yes, it was our 10th season although we have been at this for 12 years now. (There was no Rebel Yell in 2008 or 2010.) I realized while working on this year's haunt that kids who were 10 years old when we held the first Rebel Yell are 22 now. Crazy. It's been a great ride, and we are nowhere near the end!

Photos and video from this year's haunt will be posted soon, and we are already planning for the 2012 Rebel Yell so stay tuned!


Open Tuesday, Nov. 1st, 7:30 - 8:30 PM

Big thanks to our hosts the Rupes, our Crew, Friends, Family and Neighbors for another great Halloween!

If you missed it, there's still time! We will be open tonight from 7:30 8:30 PM so come check it out!



Rebel Yell is open tonight 6:30 - 9:30 PM



Opening night was a great success with awesome reviews from many neighbors, family and friends. The haunt looks amazing and we're looking forward to another great night tonight. Come check it out!


32 Days 'Till Halloween

We're hard at work on the 2011 'Yell and I believe it will be our best one yet!!

Meantime, check out some wicked Website updates:

  • New Rebel Yell Store link, up there in the nav links. Click it and buy some swag.
  • New links on the Links page and a new banner you kids at home can use if you'd like to link to our site.

That's it for now. New photos and updates coming soon...



Construction begins this weekend, we will be open October 29th- 31st .

Check the Details page for more info!


Just updated the History page including a much needed re-write of the "About Us" section. Check it out!

We are scouting locations for our 2011 haunt. Details coming soon!


Had a great Halloween, despite not building the Rebel Yell this year. Perhaps this video will tide you over until we return next year!


Ahhhh, Fall. The Spirit Halloween Store billboards, cool weather and the new Disturbed album playing on my iTunes make me feel like I should be building scary things in the driveway. Unfortunately, Rebel Yell does not have a home this year so we will be on hiatus until the 2011 season. We are working hard securing a location for next year and hope to scare you all again soon. Check back for updates, and have a great Halloween!


"Better than Disneyland!"

"Better than Great America!"


"The best haunted house I have ever seen!"

"By far your best effort yet."

These are just a few of the comments from visitors to the 2009 Rebel Yell Haunted House. We truly believe it was our best season yet. Huge thanks to Paul, Mike, Adana, Tom, Justin, Brian and the rest of the Rebel Yell Crew, as well to all of our fans, friends and neighbors who came out to see us this year. We look forward to scaring you all again next Halloween.


Happy Halloween everyone! We just finished our first haunting night of the season and it was great fun. Our haunt is better than ever and we got excellent reviews from the nearly 100 attendees who stopped by for our preview night. We're looking forward to the big night tomorrow. Hope to see you there!


THE REBEL YELL IS BACK! For 2009 we will be returning to our roots as one of America's Scariest Home Haunts with an updated version of our original haunt on Rebel Way. We have a new location, one block up the street. Check the Details page for more info. We are also hard at work on bigger, better pro-haunt for 2010 so check back after Halloween for more info on that.


NEW PHOTOS! Finally! Check out the Photos page for new pics from our 2007 haunt in Fremont.


Rebel Yell featured on FEARnet! About 3 weeks ago, DJ, Ernie and Todd were interviewed for a series called Route 666: America's Scariest Home Haunts! The series is available at and the episode featuring the Rebel Yell was posted yesterday. Check it out here. While you're there, check out FEARnet's other original programming, horror reviews and message boards.


NEW - Check out our new online store! All of the cool kids need a Rebel Yell T-shirt for back to school.


Thanks everyone for another great year! We opened for a total of 4 nights including our preview night and a VIP tour the day after Halloween. Our estimated attendance was 600 people over the 4 nights. And the reviews were all good. Check out the Photos page for some new pics, and check back soon for new on next year's haunt.


Trick out your computer with cool new Rebel Yell desktop wallpaper! Visit the Photos page for the links Rebel Yell Desktop Art


With three weekends left before Halloween, the haunt is starting to come together. Click here for new pictures. NEW THIS YEAR:

  • Milo the zombie, who will turn his head and follow you through the graveyard
  • Cryogenically frozen girl in the laboratory
  • "Frozen" bedroom featuring Linda, who will sit up and look at you
  • A new animated talking statue, real coffins, water effects, and many other improvements.
Don't miss it! Check the Details page for times and dates.


We are hard at work on our new effects and renovations for the 7th annual Rebel Yell. And since this may be our last year at our home on Rebel Way (more on that later), we are going to make sure it is our best... haunt... EVER. In the meantime, we highly recommend checking out Callson Manor in San Jose and Pirates Of Emerson in Fremont. And for a list of other home and pro haunts in Northern California check out


Lots of news. I haven't updated the site in a while so here goes: Todd has been working on some hands for Otis, the pop-up zombie in the cemetery. They have a steel skeleton with cotton and latex forming the skin. Very cool. Check them out. We have finished the box for the air compressor, painted the furniture for the new frozen bedroom and Ernie has been welding the frame for the new pop-up for the bed. Still a lot of projects to finish before we start to build the haunt in October but things are looking good. Our next build meeting is Saturday, September 9th. Following that we will meet every weekend in October. This year's haunt is going to be our best by far, don't miss it!


We have completed our second planning meeting for the 06 Rebel Yell. Our accomplishments included naming our characters, starting construction of a sound proof box for the air compressor, and bronzing the Corpseapult. The Corpseapult was our first mechanical prop. Something I made out of screen door closers, hinged wood and a gate latch circa 1996. It has found it's way into almost every Rebel Yell since then, but is now officially retired.


Happy new year! (OK a bit late, but this is my first post of 2006) Our first planning meeting for the 7th annual Rebel Yell took place yesterday. We will be adding some exciting new props and effects and remodeling the bedroom this year. We also have a talented comic artist working on a new logo for us. Stay tuned for more details! The photo page has been updated, and some new pics posted from 2005 - Click here! We also have a new draft of the Rebel Yell Story - Read it here.


The 2005 Rebel Yell is all packed up. Attendance was down a bit from last year, probably due to the Monday night, but we collected about 30% more in donations. I think this indicates that more of our victims are coming specifically to see the haunt and bringing their wallets. Which is a good thing. Anyway we had a great time as always. We're already working on the 7th annual Rebel Yell for 2006. More info coming soon


Article from Wave magazineRED BULL - The Red Bull truck came by tonight and gave all the Rebel Yell crew free Red Bull just before we opened. Cool! Just the little boost we needed to crank up the scares! The Red Bull folks said they read about us in The Wave magazine. I didn't know the Wave had listed us but I looked it up later, see pic at right ->