This is the story of Dr. Monticore VonBraun and his family, and their unfortunate experiences with the house known as the "Rebel Yell".

Monticore VonBraun was a brilliant psychologist, celebrated as a genius for his treatments for depression and other mental illness. Well respected by his peers and his patients, he was often featured in news stories for his breakthrough work and ideas. His many friends knew him as "Doc" or "Monty".

In the later years of his career however, Doc's experimental electro-shock treatments and disregard for traditional psychiatric practices often drew scathing criticism. It was these troubled, later years that led Monty to the Rebel Yell.

In late 1957, motivated by his desire to cure his wife's depression, and needing to pursue his research in private, Doc moved his family to the abandoned Rebel Hill Funeral Home in rural Alabama. The locals warned him that the place was inhabited by evil spirits. They told him of the moaning and screaming they would frequently hear emanating from the building and grounds. And how, as a result, the property had come to be known as the "Rebel Yell". No one in town would go near the place. But being a man of science, Monty did not believe in ghosts or superstitious nonsense. The locals' irrational fear of the place would give him precisely the privacy he desired.

However, soon after the Doc & his family moved in to Rebel Hill, things began to fall apart. Monty's children, Eisenhower and Rose, became withdrawn and often sat in corners talking to themselves. His wife, Amelia, became more and more neurotic and the Doc himself began to see terrible visions of tortured souls all over the house.

The disconsolate spirits leaking from the morgue in the basement and the adjacent cemetery continued to wreak havoc on the poor doctor and his family. Eisenhower and Rose became more withdrawn, Doc's work became increasingly sinister and Amelia's depression grew worse. Late one October 31st, Doc was taking a rare break from his work and having dinner with Amelia in the dinning room. He was trying to comfort her with tales of his latest research breakthroughs, but she would only sob and gently stab her hand with her fork. Suddenly they heard a blood curdling scream coming from the lab.

They rushed into the lab to find Eisenhower and Rose dead. They had been electrocuted when one of Doc's machines was activated by a freak lightning strike.

While Doc tried in vain to resuscitate them, Amelia quietly left the room, dragged a chair and a rope down the hall to the children's bedroom, and hung herself.

The doctor shifted his research to a new purpose. Spurred on by relentless voices in his head and ghostly visions of his family, he now believed he could bring the dead back to life and prolong that life indefinitely. He devised a process of injecting bodies with ectoplasm collected from spirits in the mortuary basement, then jolting the corpses back to life with electrocution.

He turned the house's bedrooms into giant freezers to preserve his family until he could "cure" their death. Experimenting on corpses he digs up from the cemetery, he continues his research today. There are even rumors that some of his successful test subjects have become assistants in his lab. If you choose to explore the house and grounds of the Rebel Yell for yourself, proceed carefully. There are very strange things going on here...